Wednesday, July 28, 2010

inspired by...dreams

in an attempt to make our lives a little less routine and little more exciting, the boyfriend (who i will refer to as "mr. Z" through out this blog) and i decided to go to the movies last night. movies on a tuesday night is random and exciting, right?

after hearing great reviews about the movie "inception", mr. Z and i decided to use our free movie passes to see it.
well i regretted that decision about 15 minutes into the movie. wayyyy too confusing for my taste, but it did get me thinking about dreams and how much time i waste dreaming about the things i want to do/be in life. 

so as i sat in the very dirty and extremely uncomfortable seat trying to zone out the movie, i started to think about my dreams/goals for myself and i came up with this list:
  • i want to live in a place where i can walk out of my front door and see mountains and beautiful scenery
  • i want to be more creative
  • i want to have a job that i actually like
  • someday i want to have a kid (maybe more than one...gotta talk to mr. Z about that) 
  • i want to be more stylish
  • i want to be happy comfortable with my body
  • i do not want to stress out about not having money
  • i want to own a house so that i can decorate however i want to and play my music as loud as i want to

while laying in bed last night (after boring mr. Z with every little detail of the above list), i asked him, "so...what are your dreams/goals for the next 5 years?"
to that mr. Z answers, "havent i already answered that before?"
and to that, i go to sleep...i think i talk too much.

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gretchenrocks said...

x, this mr z sounds like quite a character. when can i meet him?