Monday, August 2, 2010

inspired by...a guest blogger!

today is a pretty special day here on "inspired by...".

a guest blogger will be taking over for the day and she just happens to be one of the coolest chicks i know (she might get it from her sister, christina). i am very excited to have her and see what inspires her to blog today.

so ladies and gentlemen...without further ado, i give you my sister marah!

 Hello world!  So i recently just moved back home after graduating college and I am faced with the awful task of organizing my life.  So long story short, today I suppose I am inspired by organization!  While driving the 4+ hours home the other night I literally thought I was going to die.  My little Jeep Liberty was busting at the seams because I shoved, squeezed, and meticulously placed every remotely valuable item I owned into my car.

Being a careful driver, I attempted to leave a little free space in the back window so i could actually see what was happening around me...that definitely did not happen.  I also felt like I had a passenger in the car with me...the contents of my front seat kept toppling over onto me while i gripped the wheel maneuvering through traffic.  Oh, and did I mention it rained, lightninged and often POURED the whole way?? Yeah...good times. 

  unpacking/unloading/           welcome back to
     Plant City attire...

Ok so so here are just some pics of the mess that my car was.  When I took these pics, I had already removed 2 suitcases and just about all my hanging clothes.  I hope you sympathize with me...

View From the back of the car.  I had to literally shut my clothes in the door.        My poor clothes...

The view from the front of the car.  How I didn't get pulled over is beyond me!

Ok so I hope you enjoyed the pics and are glad it is me doing all this moving, rearranging and organizing, and NOT you!  The one bright side to uprooting your whole life and everything you own is that you kind of get to start fresh and de-clutter your life.  I am feeling liberated my not hesitating to just throw away crap I know i will never think twice about.  Hopefully I can keep you posted on my progress!

Thanks X! <3


Joyce said...

Poor Marah, I'm glad you made it through the nasty drive and all the stuff in your car! I'm sure it was all attacking you too =]

gretchenrocks said...

love the guest blogger spin on the inspired by.... just toss it all eli. start fresh and forget the ish...